7 good questions and answers: "shift of the short run Aggregate supply curve"

What are the most common costs of producers. What is the most common example?
Those costs are fixed costs per unit of output and cant be changes for an extended period of time.
What are the nominal wages that are slow to fall even in the face of high unemployment and slow to rise even in the face of labor shortages?
They are called stick wages
What relationship does the short run aggregate supply curve illustrate? Why?
  • The SRAS curve is the relationship between the aggregate price level and the aggregate output supplied
  • Because some of the production costs are fixed in the short run, a change in the aggregate price level leads to a change in the producers' profit of output and, in turn, leads to a change in profit maximizing level of aggregate supplied
Are wages flexible or inflexible? Why?
Wages are typically inflexible because the they are typically determined by contracts, that are signed some time ago.
Why does the aggregate supply curve slope upwards?
  • In perfectly competitive market, if the aggregate price level falls because many production costs are fixed in the short run production cost per unit of the output does not fall by the same proportion as the fall in the price of output
  • so the profit declines leading PC producers to reduce the quantity supplied in the short run
How is a commodity described?
A commodity is a standardized bought and sold in bulk quantities.
An fall in the price of a commodity, which shifts the AS curve to the right
  • An fall in the price of a commodity
  • decreases production cost across the economy
  • so that increases the profitability of the producers
  • so that increase the quantity of aggregate output supplied
  • which shifts the AS curve to the right
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