5 good questions on "Central Banks - the structure of the bank of Canada"

Who controls the central bank? is it entirely or partially? Why?
  • All the central banks are owned by the government the central bank has some degree of autonomy
  • because it is wise to separate the the power to spend and the power to print money
Where to the profits of the central bank go to?
Any profit it makes is remitted to the government
What is the central banks chief executive governor called? What king of employee are they?
The governor
a government employee
What shield the governor from the governments power when making monetary policy?
A seven year term
a reputation that could bring doubt to the government if he or she resigns
What control does the bank of government have on the central bank
Through the ministry of finance the government appoints all members of the board of directories and federal cabinet MUST approve.
Through the ministry of finance the government regularly briefs the governor of the governments desires
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