7 good questions on "the meaning of money - measuring the money supply"

What do we call the overall measures of the money supply?
We call them money aggregates
What do money aggregates include?
different types of deposits
financial institutions
What does a money aggregate without a plus sign include.
Depositis held at chartered banks
What do we consider small financial institutions?
  • Trust companies
  • mortgage loans companies
  • credit unions and caisses popularies 
What is included in M1 the narrowest definaition of money aggragates? Why is it called the most the most liquid.
Currency in circulation (cash) + Demand deposits + continuity adjustment
because we use it for daily transactions
What is included in demand deposits
banks opening accounts,
trust companies opening accounts,
mortgage and loan companies giving you money,
credit unions and caisses populaires  giving you money
What do we call a deposit that can be drawn at any time before its maturity date by paying a penalty
Term deposit
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