Summary Marketing Communications A European Perspective Book cover image

Summary Marketing Communications A European Perspective

- Patrick De Pelsmacker, et al
ISBN-10 129213576X ISBN-13 9781292135762
153 Flashcards & Notes
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A snapshot of the summary - Marketing Communications A European Perspective Author: Patrick De Pelsmacker Maggie Geuens Joeri Van Den Bergh ISBN: 9781292135762

  • 1 Integrated communications

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  • Of how many layers does the product tool of the marketing mix consist?
    3 = core product, tangible product, augmented product.
  • What is the augmented product?
    Gives the tangible product more value and customer appel. The ''service layer''. Prompt delivery, installation, service are included.
  • Where does IMC stand for?
    Integrated marketing communications
  • What is the goal of IMC?
    To influence or directly affect the behaviour of the selected audience.
  • 2 Branding

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  • What is a trademark?
    The legal designation indicating that the owner has exclusive use of the brand.
  • Which 3 different categories of brands can be distinguished?
    1. Manufacturer brands: developed and marketed by the manufacturers.
    2. Own-label brands: marketed by wholesalers or retailers, no link with manufacturer.
    3. Generic brands: indicate the product category, brandless products which are sold at the lowest price.
  • What are 2 disadvantages of line extension?
    1. Loss of clear positioning.
    2. Risk at cannibalisation.
  • What is corporate branding?
    The name of the company is used for all the company's products. Often used with bank and insurance companies. It is relatively inflexible.
  • What is a disadvantage of multi-branding?
    Individual brands cannot benefit from the leveraging effect of existing brands.
  • What are some dual branding strategies?
    1. Endorsement branding: two brand names of the same company are used, one of them serving as a quality label or endorsement.
    2. Ingredient branding: a brand of a basic ingredient of the product is mentioned next to the actual product's brand name: ABN-AMRO = MoneyYou.
    3. Co-branding: two or more brands are simultaneously presented on one product.

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