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Summary Marketing : real people, real decisions

- Michael R Solomon
ISBN-10 0273758160 ISBN-13 9780273758167
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A snapshot of the summary - Marketing : real people, real decisions Author: Michael R Solomon ISBN: 9780273758167

  • 1 What is marketing?

  • What is a marketplace?
    It are the host locations for exchanges. 
  • What is the evolution of the marketing concept?
    - the production era
    - the selling era
    - the consumer era
    - the new era (tripple bottom line)
  • Explain the new era (triple bottom line)
    Building long term bonds with customers. relies on CRM.
  • What is a green marketing strategy?
    It is t choose packages and product designs that are eco-firendly, but still profitable.
  • 2 Strategy and environment

  • What defines strategic planning?
    - done by top level (management)
    - Mission, sets business unit objectives
    - establish the business portfolio 
    - develops growths strategies 
  • What defines functional planning?
    - Functional level (Marketing director)
    - make situation analysis
    - marketing objectives
    - develop marketing strategies
    - implement them
    - monitor and control them
  • What defines operational planning?
    - by supervisor managers
    - make action plans
    - monitor if plan is working
  • What is a mission statement?
    A formal document that describes the transitions overall purpose and what it hopes to achieve. 
  • What is a LDC?
    Less developed country
    Countries at the lowest stage of economic development
  • What is the business circle?
    The overall pattern of changes or fluctuations of an economy 
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