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Summary Marketing Research; An Applied Orientation

- Naresh K Malhotra
ISBN-13 9781292265636
306 Flashcards & Notes
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A snapshot of the summary - Marketing Research; An Applied Orientation Author: Naresh K Malhotra ISBN: 9781292265636

  • 2 Defining the Marketing Research Problem and Developing an Approach

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  • How do you call a comprehensive examination of a marketing problem to understand its origin and nature?
    Problem audit
  • What are the four tasks involved with the process of defining the problem and developing an approach?
    • Discussions with the Decision maker(s)
    • Interviews with Experts
    • Secondary Data Analysis
    • Qualitative Research
  • What is another name for conducting an experience survey (i.e., an interview with people very knowledgeable about the general topic being investigated)?
    Key-informant technique
  • How do you call an interview with lead users of the technology?
    Lead-user survey
  • How do you call surveys that tend to be less structured than largescale surveys in that they generally contain more open-ended questions and the sample size is much smaller?
    Pilot survey
  • How do you call studies that involve an intensive examination of a few selected cases of the phenomenon of interest where facts could be customers, stores, or other units?
    Case studies
  • How do you call the set factors having an impact on the definition of the marketing research problem, including past information and forecasts, resources and constraints of the firm, objectives of the decision-maker, buyer behaviour, legal environment, economic environment, and marketing and technological skills of the firm?
    Environmental context of the problem
  • How do you call the goals of the organization and of the decision-maker that must be considered in order to conduct successful marketing research?
  • How do you call a body of knowledge that tries to understand and predict consumers' reactions based on individuals' specific characteristics?
    Buyer behaviour
  • How do you call the set of regulatory policies and norms within which organisations must operate?
    Legal environment

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