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Summary Master 1

- Master 1
- Marc Steinberg
- 2013 - 2014
- Creative Consciousness
- Consciousness Coaching
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A snapshot of the summary - Master 1

  • 1 Day 1

  • 1.2 Daily nuggets

  • What is the purpose of writing down your nuggets?
    To bring awareness to the value of that what impacts your life 
  • 1.3 Ground rules

  • The care for the setup of the training determines what?
    The ease of the process or the struggle
  • 1.4 Video presentation 1

  • How do you complete the exercise of the video presentation?
    My experience, greatest learning, my nugget
  • 1.6 Consciousness

  • Waves that are always moving, thoughts and feelings are what operating system?
    1 the mind
  • What is operating system 2, the subconscious?
    Slower moving water like moods, programmes that run us
  • Where is operating system 3, consciousness?
    The bottom of the ocean, still
  • What happens when operating system 3 is active?
    Flow, things you need come easily, things you don't need stay away.
  • 1.6.1 Consciousness and coaching

  • What 3 benefits does coaching have for both parties?
    Empowering, uplifting, enlightening. 
  • Coaching gives you the power to relate to others in what way?
    Conscious and empowering
  • 1.6.2 Creation versus Change

  • Creation comes from nothing and is what?
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