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Summary Master 2

- Master 2
- Marc Steinberg
- 2013 - 2014
- Creative Consciousness
- Consciousness Coaching
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A snapshot of the summary - Master 2

  • 1 Day 1

  • 1.2 CC Frame Program

  • What is the meditation in the training designed for?

    To raise the level of attention by relaxing the mind
  • What is the purpose of hojo?

    Train determination and assertiveness
  • 1.3 M2 Goal setting

  • What are essential communication skills?

    Questioning, listening, feedback, sharing
  • 1.5 Getting

  • What distinction is needed for a Master coach?

  • What are Master 2 expressive, outgoing, communication skills?
    Questioning, Speaking that ignites action, Sharing
  • How does a coach provide getting, the 'real' deal?

    Comes from getting, not understanding. Walking the talk
  • Name two receptive, incoming, communication skills

    Listening and getting 
  • 1.6 Consciousness Inventory

  • Name 4 types of possessions that can uplift or drag in your consciousness and environment

    material, professional, living, emotional, mental
  • 1.7 Coaching basics

  • What does a sport coach do?
    Help unlock potential, reinforce strength and counteract negative beliefs to maximise performance.
  • Coaching is based on what fundamental belief?

    People have within them all the potential resources they need to achieve the things they desire
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