Characteristics and Applications of Polymers - Viscoelastic Deformation

4 important questions on Characteristics and Applications of Polymers - Viscoelastic Deformation

How is the relaxation modulus defined?

Er(t) is the relaxation modulus
σ(t) is the measured time-dependent stress
ϵ0 is the strain level, which is maintained constant

What is the effect of temperature on the relaxation modulus?

Er(t) seems to decrease with time for all temperatures and the Er(t) also decreases with raising the temperature.

How does the Er(10) change when raising the temperature?

In the glassy region the Er is equal to the elastic modulus until it suddenly drops dramatically.

What is viscoelastic creep?

Viscoelastic creep is a deformation that is time-dependent and where the stress is low.

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