Fabrication and Processing of Engineering Materials - Annealing Processes

5 important questions on Fabrication and Processing of Engineering Materials - Annealing Processes

Why is annealing carried out?

1. Relieve stress
2. Increase softness, ductility, and toughness
3. Produce a specific microstructure.

What are the three stages of annealing?

1. Heating to the desired temperature.
2. Soaking the material at said temperature.
3. Cooling to room temperature.

What is process annealing used for?

To cancel out the effects of cold work. I.e. To soften and increase ductility of a strain-hardened metal.

How can internal residual stresses develop?

1. plastic deformation processes
2. Non-uniform cooling
3. a phase transformation that is induced by cooling.

How does stress relieve annealing heat treatment work?

The piece is heated to a relative low temperature and allowed to remain there until a uniform temperature is attained. After which it is cooled to room temperature.

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