Characteristics and Applications of Polymers - Advanced Polymetric Materials

5 important questions on Characteristics and Applications of Polymers - Advanced Polymetric Materials

What is Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene?

UHMWPE is a linear ultra high weight polyethylene.

What is the average molecular weight of UHMWPE?

Approximately 4 * 106 g/mol.

Name 8 of the extraordinary characteristics of UHMWPE?

1. Extremely high impact resistance
2. Outstanding resistance to wear and abrasion
3. Very low friction coefficient
4. The surface is nonstick and self-lubricating
5. Very good chemical resistance to normally encountered solvents
6. Low-temperature properties are excellent
7. Energy absorption and sound damping are outstanding
8. Electrically insulating and excellent dielectric properties.

What are Liquid Crystal Polymers?

LCPs are composed of extended rod-shaped and rigid molecules.

What are thermoplastic elastomers?

TPEs or TEs exhibit elastomeric properties at ambient conditions, yet they are thermoplastics. They are block copolymers where blocks of rigid polymers alternate with flexible blocks.

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