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Summary Medical Biochemistry

- Medical Biochemistry
- Sandra van Vliet
- 2019 - 2020
- Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
- Biomedische Wetenschappen
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A snapshot of the summary - Medical Biochemistry

  • Overview of human metabolism

  • What are the three stages of catabolism?
    1. Breakdown of complex molecules to their component building blocks
    2. Conversion of building blocks to acetyl CoA
    3. Metabolism of acetyl CoA to CO2 and formation of ATP
  • What are free energy carriers?
    • ATP
    • GTP
    • NAD(P)H
    • FADH
  • What metabolites can be converted to acetyl CoA?
    • Fatty acids
    • Ketone bodies
    • Sugar (via pyruvate)
    • Pyruvate
    • Amino Acids (via pyruvate)
    • Ethanol
  • What is homeostasis when speaking of ATP?
    You produce as much ATP as needed.
  • What do you know if the efficiency of a reaction is less than 100%?
    Then heat is generated.
  • What happens when ATP synthase (ATPase) stops?
    When ATPase stops the proton gradient builds up and oxidative phosphorylation comes to a complete stop.
  • How is ATPase regulated?
    ATPase uses energy from the proton gradient to produce ATP. When all ADP is converted to ATP, ATPase stops.
  • What happens with excess acetyl CoA when there is sufficient ATP?
    Excess acetyl CoA is converted to fatty acids and then triglycerides
  • Pyruvate acts as a metabolic hub, what can pyruvate be converted into?
    • Alanine
    • Ethanol (fermentation in micro organisms)
    • Acetyl CoA
    • Oxaloacetate
    • Lactate
  • Carbohydrate and glucose metabolism

  • How many glucose is used each day?
    160-200 gram
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