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Summary Mens- En Dierkunde1

- Mens- en dierkunde1
- Arie Terlouw
- 2014 - 2015
- Wageningen University (Wageningen University, Wageningen)
- Dierwetenschappen
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A snapshot of the summary - Mens- en dierkunde1

  • Thema 1: H3+H4 part 1

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  • What is a blastomere?
    Blastomere is a large cluster of small cells formed during cleavage
  • Which pole is the animal pole and which is the vegetal pole?
    yolk rich = vegetal
    other end = animal
  • What does isolecithal egg mean?
    Iso=equal. Eggs with little yolk that is evenly distributed. 
  • what is an mesolecithal egg?
    meso=middle. Egg with moderate amount of yolk at vegetal pole
  • What is invagination and what does it form?
    invagination is when 1 side of the blastula bends inwards. This forms a new cavity called gastrocoel, archenteron or oerdarm.
  • What is a blastopore?
    opening to the gut where invagination began.
  • Describe the 2 ways in which mesoderm can be formed?
    1. Schizocoely: cells arise from ventral area near blastophore lip and spread into space between archenteron and outer cell wall. --> protostomes
    2. Enterocoely: central region of archenteron wall puches outward into space between archenteron and outer body wall. --> deuterostomes
  • What is the primary organizer and why?
    The dorsal lip, because it is the only tissue capable of inducing development of a secondary embryo in the host.
  • What is epigenesis? And what are its 3 steps?
    view that an embryo develops and differentiates step by step from a zygote undergoing cell division. 
    1. pattern formation
    2. determination of positions in the body
    3. induction of limbs and organs appropriate for that position
  • Thema 1: H3+H4 part 2

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  • What is sonic hedgehog and what does it do?
    sonic hedgehog is secreted from the ZPA (zone of polarizing activity) and establishes the anteroposterior axis and it assusres that fingers/toes develop in appropriate order.

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