Summary: Metabolic Aspects Of Nutrition

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Metabolic aspects of nutrition

  • 3 vitaminen

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  • Which vitamins are antioxidant?

    Vit E en C
  • Which are h/e- donors/acceptors?

    Vit B,C en K
  • vitamine E "the fat antioxidant" in vegetable oils

    = tocopherols and tocotienoes with biological activity of RRR-a.. Antioxidant (stabilization of cell membranes, regulation of oxidation reaction)
    -regulation of gene expression
    -intra cellulair 'second messenger'
  • Vitamine K  "The green leafy vitamin"

    -Synthesis of blood-clotting proteins
    -bone proteins that regulate blood calcium 
    -in liver, milk and leavy green vegetables 
  • Vitamine C "the citrus antioxidant" defiency:

    -anemia (small-cell type)
    -poor wound healing
  • Vitamine C protects..

    -dna oxidation
    -protection of proteins from oxidation
    -protection of LDL against extracellular 
  • Function vitamin C

    -cofactor: electron donor 
    -connective tissue function and strength (collagen hydroxylation)
    -energy production
    -peptide metabolism
    -bile acid synthesis 
    -gene expression 
  • Folate (B9,B10,B11) "the DNA creator" Defiency

    -neural tube defects
    -megaloblastic anemia
    -risk for certain cancers
    WITHOUT FOLATE, dna strand break and cell division diminishes -> megaloblastic anemia: red blood cells cannot carry oxygen or travel through the capillaries efficiently
  • B12 "the blood maker" defiency:

    -megaloblastic anemia 
    -neurological disease
    function: production red blood cells 
  • Thiamin "the carbo burner"

    -muscular weakness
    - Wernicke-korsakoff syndrome 
    sources: whole grain, pork

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