Summary: Methodology For Ie Research

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Methodology for IE Research

  • 1 Lecture: 1

  • 1.1 Two cycles

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  • The empirical (regulative) cycle consists of?

    1. Observation
    2. Induction (developing theory)
    3. Deduction (generating hypotheses)
    4. Testing (of hypotheses)
    5. Evaluation
  • 1.4 The empirical cycle

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  • 2. Induction (developing theory):

    Possible explanations of the problem identified in the literature.
  • 3. Deduction (generating hypotheses)

    Formulate generic hypotheses.
  • 1.8 Step 1: problem definition

  • The problem definition step of the problem solving cycle Consists of:

    • Collect insights both internally and externally
    • Synthesize all information
    • Selection of business problem and demarcate
    • Decide on research framework: theory and deliverables •
    Plan: When to do what and why, using which resources
    • Write project proposal
  • 1.8.1 Business problem

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  • A problem statement refers to:

    the gap between current and desired business performance
  • Characteristics of business problems

  • A business problem is:

    • part of a problem mess
    • Embedded in a social system --> Several stakeholders with different, potentially contradictory, perspectives and interests
    • Open ended: Multiple solutions are possible
    • Often solved within constrains of time and effort
  • 1.8.2 Problem statement

  • A problem statement describes:

    a business problem.
  • The generic form of a problem statement:

    Y of X is Z

    Y = performance indicator, such as cost, quality, throughput time (determined by company)
    X = business process
    Z = unwanted value of outcome
  • A problem statement is not:

    • It is NOT a question (“What is the cause of long run time?”)
    • It is NOT an assignment (“Shorten the runtime.”)
    • It is NOT a cause-effect relationship (“Cause of long run time is limited capacity of ….”)
  • Within Industrial Engineering, a problem statement addresses:

    Processes, including input & output (eg, sales process)

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