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Summary Milk in the Dairy Chain

- Milk in the Dairy Chain
- Kasper Hettinga
- 2020 - 2021
- Wageningen University (Wageningen University, Wageningen)
- Voeding en Gezondheid
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A snapshot of the summary - Milk in the Dairy Chain

  • Introduction & Milk composition

  • Which animals species produce milk?
    Mammals (zoogdieren)
  • Milk is produced by mammals. Is milk production unique to mammals?
    No, pigeons also produce milk....

    Ze weken het voedsel, waardoor het een soort van melk wordt, maar het is te debatteren...

    When is it called milk..?
  • Is perspiration (sweating) unique to mammals?
    Yes, only mammals produce sweat
  • Give examples of dairy products and diary ingredients
    Dairy products

    • Yoghurt
    • cheese
    • butter
    • ice cream
    • condensed milk
    • chocolate milk
    • butter milk
    • whipped cream
    • vla
    • quark/kwark

    Dairy ingredients
    • Taxi
    • Rivella
    • Medicine
    • Animal feed
    • Infant formula
    • pancakes
    • meat replacers
    • plastics
    • protein powder
    • tortellini
  • How is the dairy production chain looks like?
    This figure shows the direction of the product going from farm to consumer. 

    However, it is not a one-way process, because the consukmers demand products, which have consequences for the whole dairy chain. 
  • What is the composition of milk?

    Average content in milk (% w/w)Water  --  86.6
    Solids-not-fat  --  9.0
    Lactose  --  4.6 
    Fat  --  4.4 
    Protein  --  3.4 
    Casein  --  2.7 
    Minerals  --  0.7 
    Organic acids  --  0.17 
  • There are many factors that can affect milk composition (4)
    Cow breed
    Feed composition
    Seasonal and geographic variation 
  • Put the relative size of the following components in order from small to big

    Casein micelle; fat globule; whey protein 
    Whey protein; casein micelle; fat globule 
  • What are the major fatty acids found in milk fat?

    (fatty acids are composed of a hydrocarbon chain and a carboxyl group)
    Saturated & Unsaturated

    Myristic 11.1
    Palmitic 27.9
    Stearic 12.2
    • samen 2/3 of milk fatty acids 

    Oleic 17.2 (unsaturated)
  • What is the protein composition?
    • Depending on species 2-4 different caseins 

    Serum (whey) proteins
    • Always alfa-lactalbumin 
    • 100's of other proteins depending on specie 
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