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Summary Mind and Brain: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience

- Mind and Brain: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
- H. Dooremalen en J. Stekelenburg
- 2020 - 2021
- Tilburg University (Tilburg University, Tilburg)
- Liberal Arts and Sciences
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A snapshot of the summary - Mind and Brain: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Lecture 1

  • What are the three mental states?
    Conscious experiences, cognition and emotions.
  • What are the two types of substances?
    • Res cogitans: the thinking substance
    • Res extensas: the physical or extended substance
  • What is Descartes' first method?
    Radical doubt
  • What is Descartes' second method?
    Clear & distinct insights.
  • How did Descartes get rid of the evil demon?
    By accepting the existance and goodness of God to be true.
  • Why do we also have a body and are we a physical substance?
    Because god does not deceive me.
  • What is the interaction problem?
    Descartes not being able to explain how the mental substance and the physical substance interact, because every physical event has a physical cause and mental causes seem to be unintelligible.
  • What is the conceptional incoherence in the concept of dualism?
    The fact that our body, a physical thing, would ''push'' the mind/is the cause of something that is happening in the mind.
  • Lecture 2

  • What is George Berkeley's solution to the interaction problem?
    There is no interaction, there is only the mind and there is no material substance.
  • How does Berkeley argue?
    Empricism, knowledge stems from experience through observation. You can't see the physical substance, but we see the secondary properties.
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