Summary Motor learning and performance : a situation-based learning approach Book cover image

Summary Motor learning and performance : a situation-based learning approach

- Richard A Schmidt, et al
ISBN-10 073606964X ISBN-13 9780736069649
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A snapshot of the summary - Motor learning and performance : a situation-based learning approach Author: Richard A Schmidt, Craig A Wrisberg ISBN: 9780736069649

  • 1 Chapter 1, getting started

  • maximum certainly of goal achievement
    a person is able to meet the performance goal, or end result, with maximum certainly
  • minimum energy expenditure
    skilled performers are able to organize their actions in a way that reduces the mental demands of the task. like a skilled wrestler who saves strength for the last few minutes
  • minimum movement time
    achieving the goal in the shortest time possible/ like sprinters in a track or swimming
  • situation-based approach to motor performance and learning
    an approach to understand motor performance and learning that emphasizes the situation in which performance and learning take place

    WHO (is the learner
    What (is the task
    Where (will performance take place
  • 2 sensory contributions to skilled performance

  • Golgi tendon organs

    proprioceptive sense organs located at the junction of muscles and tendons that signal information about force in the muscles.

  • stimulus identification (perception)
    the input is detected and identified
  • response programming (action)
    to choose and prepare a particular action
  • factor that influences reaction time and decision making
    number of stimulus-response alternatives
    stimulus-response  compatibility
  • 4 movement production and motor programs

  • freezing degrees of freedom
    the movements that allows the least freedom for the joints to move
  • Generalized motor program (GMP)
    a motor program that defines a pattern of movement ratherthan a specific movement
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