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Summary Moving History

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A snapshot of the summary - Moving History Author:

  • 1 The Beginning of a New Age

  • 1.5 The schism in the Christian church in western Europe

  • What happened early in the 16th century?

    Growing criticism at the church

    people established their own churches

  • 1.6 Lutheranism

  • What were his critics on the Catholic church?

    Some practices in the catholic church weren't mentioned in the Bible

  • Which three theses appealed the Germanic rulers?

    1. Ruler is head of church in each state

    2. Subjects must always obey their ruler even if he behaves badly

    3. Monastic orders must be abolished, rulers can take over properties

  • 1.7 Calvinism

  • Who was John Calvin?

    A French reformer

  • Name 3 differences of his criticism besides Luthers criticism

    1. Calvin believed in predestination

    2. Calvinist organised from the bottom upwards

        -Each congregation governed itself by elders

        -Religious issues were dealt in the synod


    3. it was permitted to rebel against a ruler if he went against God's commandments

  • 1.8 The counter-reformation

  • Which abuses undid the church with the Counter-attack?

    -Sale of clerical positions

    -Sale of indulgences

  • Which measures were introduced to suppress the reformation spread?

    -Monastic orders started combating heresy

    -Increase of inquisition tribunals

    -Torture heretics or burn them at the stake

  • 1.9 Religion and Politics

  • Which countries went to war or civil-war before their religion was chosen?

    -German Empire

    -Republic of united Netherlands

  • 2 The Scientific Revolution

  • 2.1 The Scientific Revolution

  • Where did the scientists based their new methods of investigation on?
    -rationalization (drawing conclusions)
  • What were the differences with science in Ancient Greece?
    -A lot more experiments were conducted by the scientists
    -There were a lot more scientists
    -These societies funded their experiments
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