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Summary Msc. Information Management

- MSc. Information Management
- Hans Weigand
- 2021 - 2022
- Tilburg University (Tilburg University, Tilburg)
- Information Management
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A snapshot of the summary - MSc. Information Management

  • 1 Business Analytics and Emerging Trends

  • 1.2.3 Knowledge graphs

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  • For which 3 AI tasks can KG be input?
    1. Simple reasoning
    2. Machine Learning
    3. Chatbots
  • Which 3 contributions  give KG's to conversational AI?
    1. Heterogeneous sources
    2. Generate queries that train ML AI
    3. improve intention finder, by attaching domain specific intentions
  • 1.3.1 Process Mining

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  • What is the definition of a process?
    Sequence of steps to accomplish a goal leading towards an end
  • What is the definition of process mining?
    Extracting knowledge from event data to build a model of the process and compare the mined process to the process description.
  • What is the difference between process mining and data mining?
    Process mining aims at discovering processes and data mining at analyzing variables.
  • What are the three commonalities between process mining and data mining?
    1. Inductive algorithms
    2. overfitting
    3. visualization
  • Why do process description not always work? (3 reasons)
    1. No process description present
    2. Never been implemented
    3. Not up-to-date
  • What value does process mining give?
    Providing insights about process, based on facts
  • What are the main ingredients for a business process for process mining?
    1. Case ID
    2. Activities
    3. Timestamp
    4. Other
  • Why is process mining sometimes called a mirror?
    Process mining reflects what is really happening in the process and this can be sometimes confronting when the real process is different than intended.

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