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Summary MVOE

- Saskia Griep
- 2015 - 2016
- Hogeschool Tio (Hogeschool Tio Amsterdam, Amsterdam)
- Hotel- en Eventmanagement
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A snapshot of the summary - MVOE

  • CSR Lesson week 1

  • Give a brief description of CSR.
    1. CSR can be seen as the relationship between global corporations, governments and individual citizens.
    2. CSR is a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns int heir business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis.
  • Name 6 effects an organization may have upon the external environment.
    1. (The utilization of) Natural resources
    2. (The effects of) Competition
    3. (The creation of) Employment opportunities
    4. (Transformation of the landscape due to) Waste
    5. (The distribution of) Wealth
    6. The climate change
  • Name the three basic principles of CSR and their explanation.
    1. Sustainability: The effect an action taken in the present has upon the options available in the future.
    2. Accountability: An organization recognizes that its actions affect the external environment, and therefore assuming responsibility for the effects of its actions.
    3. Transparency: The external impact of the actions of the organization can be ascertained from that organization's reporting and pertinent facts are not disguised within that reporting.
  • Who states that capitalism must be combined with philantrophy?
    Andrew Carnegie
  • CSR Lesson week 2

  • Give 5 reasons why CSR has become more prominent:
    1. Poor business behaviour towards customers
    2. Treating employees unfairly
    3. Ignoring the environment and consequences of actions
    4. Issue of climate change
    5. Concern for the supply chain
  • Next to the 5 points why CSR has become more important, there is also a changing emphasis in companies. Give three examples why companies are taking CSR more seriously.
    1. It is a key to success
    2. It gives companies a strategic advance
    3. Employees care about CSR
  • The activities of an organization can affect the environment, which are not reflected int he traditional accounting of that organization. Give an example in which the activities affect the environment positively and negatively.
    - Positively: Landscaping project
    - Negatively: Creating waste
  • Name the two types of externalisation of costs, explain them and give an example.
    1. Spatial externalisation = Costs transferred to other entities in current time -> Causing pollution > Costs for large community.
    2. Temporal externalisation = Costs transferred into another time period; the future -> Pollution > Must be cleaned up in the future
  • What does the space-time graph of Meadows look like 
and what does Meadows want to prove with this?

    Horizontal axis represents 'time' and the vertical one represents 'space'. A scatter diagram shows a partition. Meadows wants to show that most people are only
  interested in matters that concern their family or
  friends and only over a short period of time.
  • In what way do people play a role in global warming and CO2 emissions?

    - Greenhouse gas emissions from the combustion of 
fossil fuels and biomasses
    - The use of CFCs
    - Emissions by the industry
    - Emissions from transport (cars, airplanes)
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