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Summary Mysql 5.0 Certification Study Guide

- Paul DuBois, et al
ISBN-10 0672332701 ISBN-13 9780672332708
403 Flashcards & Notes
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A snapshot of the summary - MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide Author: Paul DuBois Stefan Hinz Carsten Pedersen ISBN: 9780672332708

  • 1 Client/Server Concepts

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  • Using what architecture does MySQL operate?
    Client/Server architecture
  • What are the three major components of a MySQL installation?
    1. MySQL Server
    2. Client Programs
    3. MySQL non-client utilities
  • Must mysql client long options have an equal (=) sign between the name and the value?
  • What are the 5 options for a mysql client program to establish a connection?
  • What are the 4 possible values for the --protocol parameter of mysql client programs? For local or remote? And for what OS?
    tcp - All - All OSes
    socket - Local - Unix only
    pipe - Local - Windows only
    memory - Local - Windows only
  • What is the requirement for using named pipe connections?
    Must be mysql-nt of mysql-max-nt server and with --enable-named-pipe options on the command line
  • What is the requirement for using shared memory connections? And what is the side affect?
    --shared-memory option on the command line

    Side effect: becomes default protocol
  • What 2 values for the --host option have special value?
    1. localhost > default protocol becomes unix socket
    2. . (dot) > default protocol becomes named pipe
  • What is the default mysql server port number?

  • What are the 2 purposes of the --socket option?
    1. To specify a unix socket file path
    2. To specify the name of the named pipe to use

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