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Summary Nature vs Nurture

- Nature vs Nurture
- Barry
- 2015 - 2016
- Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
- Bewegingswetenschappen
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A snapshot of the summary - Nature vs Nurture

  • Lecture 1 history

  • Who was sir Galton?
    Nephew of Darwin, was very interested to find out if traits were inherited and performed a study on eminent men.
  • What did Watson claim after trials with little albert?
    In the right conditions he can give any baby any traits, with conditioning and stimulus.
  • What did Thomas Bouchard study?
    If he reunited separated MZ twins and compared their traits and found that a lot of traits were similar regardless of different nurture.
  • What are dizygotic twins?
    Two sperm cells protrude two eggcells and therefore have very different genes.
  • What did prof. Buikhuisen postulate?
    He stated that biological factors might be at play regarding levels of aggressiveness.
  • DNA basics

  • What is a nucleus?
    Container of genetic information the core of the cell
  • What is the endoplasmatic reticulum?
    Where the proteins are produced.
  • What is a nucleotide and where are the different groups attached?
    A central sugar molecule
    Base groups attached to the 1' position
    Phosphate groups attached to the 5' position
    OH(hydroxyl) group attached to the 3' position
  • What are the four different base groups of a nucleotide?
  • How do DNA polymers connect?
    Through their base groups
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