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Summary nectar english

- maaike twigt
ISBN-13 9789001880255
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A snapshot of the summary - nectar english Author: maaike twigt ISBN: 9789001880255

  • 1 investigate and explore biology

  • 1.1 explore the inside of your body

  • Skeletal system or skeleton
    Your bones work together to keep your body upright. Without bones you would collapse. Togehter they form thet skeletal system or skeleton.
  • Wich organs system work togehter when you run.
    1. Your breathing system provides your blood with oxygen.
    2. Your digestive system provides your body with nutrients.
    3. The oxygen and nutrients enter your blood. The blood transport them to your muscles
  • 1.2 explore your environment

  • What are the two types of drawing
    1. A true-to-nature drawing
    2. A schematic drawing
  • What are the two ways to observe the inside of something
    1. Longitundinal section
    2. Cross section
  • 2 moving

  • 2.1 bones

    1. how many bones are ther in your body?
    2. how do you call them together 
    1. 206
    2. skeleton
  • how do you call bones in your head
  • what is a backbone and what does it do
    vertebral column and it suports your body
  • how are bones in the backbone called
  • what forms the rib cage
    sternum, ribs and vertebrae
  • how many bones hase the forearm
    2 bones
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