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Summary Neuroimaging

- Neuroimaging
- Oostenveld, Norris, & Cameron
- 2016 - 2017
- Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
- Cognitive Neuroscience (research)
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A snapshot of the summary - Neuroimaging

  • Introduction Herman

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  • What is the goal of cognitive neuroscience?
    To map the information-processign structure of the human mind onto the physical organization of the brain.
  • What is the smalest unit of information processing and how many are there?
    The neuron, 100 billion
  • What are the spatial and temporal domains of the brain?
    Brain regions

    Action potential (ms)
    Hemodynamics (s to min)
  • What are the spatial and temporal domains of EEG/MEG and fMRI?
    EEG/MEG: brain - lobe - maps in ms to s
    fMRI: brain - lobe - maps - nucleus ~ layer in several s to a day
  • Give 4 paramerers used in ERP statistical analyses.
    Peak amplitude, peak-to-peak amplitude, mean amplitude, onset latency
  • What is most glucose in the cortex used for?
    80-90% of total cortical glucose usage is accounted for by glutaminergic neurons.
  • Lecture 1 EEG

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  • What is recorded with EEG?
    Voltage differences on the scalp.
  • what is the temporal domain of the brain?
    • Action poten1als (ms
    • Hemodynamics (s - min
    • Lesions (/ recovery)    
  • where the spontaneous EEG is helpful?
    The spontaneous EEG can be helpful in clinical environments,
    e.g. for diagnosing epilepsy or tumors, detecting abnormal brain states or classifying sleep stages
  • What is event-related potential (ERP) and what is the main advantage of this method?
    It's the avarage EEG of many trials following a stimulus. Due to the averaging, the noise is canceled out.

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