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Summary Neuropsychological Assessment

- Muriel Deutsch Lezak, et al
ISBN-10 0195395522 ISBN-13 9780195395525
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A snapshot of the summary - Neuropsychological Assessment Author: Muriel Deutsch Lezak Diane B Howieson Erin D Bigler Daniel Tranel ISBN: 9780195395525

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  • What is differential diagnosis?
    To diagnose a disease where several options are likely, to get the right disease on the table.
  • What is the most fundamental property of a psychometric test?
    Validation, the degree to which a test measures what it claims to measure.
  • Why can laboratory tests be useful even after the site of the lesion is known?
    That way strengths and weaknesses can be determined.
  • What is the goal of neuropsychological assessment?
    It is not gathering test data, it is understanding the behavior of the patient in context of the environment in which he functions.
  • What do you pay attention to when testting?
    Physical condition
    Communication skills
    Emotional reactions
    How the person tackles the test (motivation)
    Function of senses
    Speech and language
    Attention and concentration

  • What do you base the selection of tests on?
    What do you expect to find?
    Suitability of the test
    Can patient handle it
    Follow up needed?
  • What is the drawback of an IQ score?
    It doesn't tell you where a patient preforms good or bad, it is only a general assessment of functioning.
  • What is the best performance method?
    Uses test scores, observations and historical data.
    The least depressed ability may be the best remaining behavioural representative of the original cognitive potential.
  • What is a fixed test?
    A test were a priori choices determined the tests a patient gets.
  • What are the pros of neuropsychological tests?
    Helpful in assessment of strengths, weaknesses
    A lot of test to choose from
    Norms available

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