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Summary Neuroscience And Neuroanatomy

- Neuroscience and Neuroanatomy
- Scherper
- 2015 - 2016
- Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
- Master Klinische Neuropsychologie
213 Flashcards & Notes
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A snapshot of the summary - Neuroscience and Neuroanatomy

  • HC 1

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  • Welke kan in het lichaam is Dorsal? Ventral? Rostral? Caudal?
    Dorsal is de rugkant, Ventral is de buikkant, Rostral is richting het hoofd en Caudal is richting de benen
  • Name and count all spinal cord segments
    8 Cervical, 12 Thoracic, 5 Lumbar, 5 Sacral, 1 Coccygeal
  • HC 2

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  • Protopathic system concerns?
    Pain, temperature (slow), rough touch
  • Epicritic system concerns?
    Vibration (very fast), movement (fast) and pressure (slow)
  • Which sensory neurons are Epicritic and which are Protopathic?
    A-a and A-b Epicritic, A-d and C Protopathic
  • What does the ARAS consist of and what do they produce

    locus coeruleus - norepinephrine
    substantia nigra - dopamine
    raphe nuclei - serotonine
    pedunculopontine tegmental nucleus - acetylcholine
  • Which root is for sensory nerves?
    Dorsal route (ascending)
  • Why does the CNS end at L1?

    The body grows faster then the CNS, first they are the same length but after a year there already is a discrepancy. It’s convenient to tap CFS below the CNS.
  • What is a myotome

    part of muscle related to one segment of the spinal cord, its ventral root and corresponding spinal nerve. In muscles there has been a rearrangement. 
  • Which tract corresponds with protopathic modalities? And where does it cross over?
    Tractus Spinothalamic (anterolateral system), crosses directly over in spinal cord

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