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Summary Neuroscience

- Neuroscience
- Mr Miyagi
- 2021 - 2022
- Universiteit van Amsterdam
- Psychologie
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A snapshot of the summary - Neuroscience

  • Chapter 1: Past, Present & Future

  • What are the 5 levels of analysis in neuroscience?
    - Molecular
    - Cellular
    - Systems 
  • Why use rat or mice? Why use monkeys instead of mice?
    Rat/Mice: Easy breeding & DNA altering
    Monkeys: Complex processes
  • Chapter 2: Neurons & Glia

  • What does a Golgi stain actually stain? What neural parts did this stain show?
    Stains: small % of neurons ENTIRELY dark
    - Soma (central region containing nucleus)
    - Neurites (axons & soma)
    - Because it stains entirely these are visible
  • What is the neuron doctrine?
    Neurons are not connected (synapses)
  • What 3 things are roughly in the Soma of a neuron?
    - Cytosol: Water inside of the soma
    - Different Organelles: Cell nucleus, Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
    - Ribosomes: Protein synthesis structure in cytoplasm

    Cytoplasm: everything in som except nucleus
  • What is the function of mRNA?
    Carrying genetic (DNA) message to the cytoplasm to start the protein synthesis (expression of DNA)
  • What is transcription when talking about DNA?
    Acids in the nuclei represents the genetic information
    The process of DNA --> mRNA messenger
  • What is an Exon portion of a gene?
    Part of a gene that gets expressed in the protein
  • What is translation when talking about DNA in Neurons?
    The process of mRNA forming the Amino Acids
  • What is a genome?
    ALL DNAL: Entire length of DNA info in our chromosomes
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