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Summary NPA clinical exam

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A snapshot of the summary - NPA clinical exam

  • 12 Antimalarials interactions

  • What antimalarial is least appropriate if the patient is going to Gambia and is on aripiprazole?
    Mefloquine and aripiprazole have a moderate interaction that increases the risk of irregular heart rhythm
  • 13 trastuzumab side effects

  • Name 4 side effects of trastuzumab
    Abdominal pain, headache, dry mouth, constipation. *Don't confuse peripheral nephropathy with peripheral neuropathy
  • 14 constipation

  • 53 yo woman constipated for 2 days. Wants to be comfortable fro dinner party in 3 hours. Give appropriate laxative
    Glycerol suppository
  • 15 senna

  • How does senna work?
    Stimulates intestinal motility
  • 16 warfarin

  • What should you do when after drinking alcohol INR is 7 with minor bleeding and target INR is 3.5
    Stop warfarin, give vitamin k and restart warfarin when INR is less than 5
  • 18 renal function classification

  • What classification of renal function is e GFR of 20ml/min/1.73m^2?
    Severe reduction
  • 19 Exemption from payment for a flu vaccine?

  • What would make a customer exempt from payment for a flu vaccine?
    Being in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • What doesn't exempt someone from payment for a flu vaccine?
    Being 61 years of age, being a secondary carer for a disabled person, being a breastfeeding mother, BMI > 30kg/m^2
  • 20 osteoporosis

  • What are risk factors for osteoporosis
    Alcohol, cigarette smoking, BMI of 19, early menopause
  • What is the best drug regimen for osteoporosis prophylaxis?
    Alendronic acid, calcium carbonate and vitamin D
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