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Summary Nutritional Neurosciences

- Nutritional Neurosciences
- Paul Smeets
- 2020 - 2021
- Wageningen University (Wageningen University, Wageningen)
- Voeding en Gezondheid
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A snapshot of the summary - Nutritional Neurosciences

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  • Name the 8 blood vessels in the brain
    • Common carotid
    • External carotid
    • Internal carotid
    • Vertebral 
    • Basilar
    • Posterior cerebral 
    • Middel cerebral 
    • Anterior cerebral 
  • Besides the 8 blood vessels in the brain you also have the circle of Willis, what is this?
    It is a kind of roundabout. All the blood goes via this...? If there is a blockade somewhere the circle of willis can still provide blood to go to the region. 

    green part in the picture ...?
  • The brain exists of three things
    • Forebrain 
    • Brainstem 
    • Cerebellum 
  • What are the brain stem functions?
    • Reward processing 
    • Processing gut signals 
    • Control of heart and breathing rate 

    (Motor control NIET)
  • What are the functions of the Cerebellum (small brain)
    • Motor control:
      • classis - well established
    • Cognitive functions:
      • Mounting evidence (=steeds meer bewijs)
    • Feeding control:
      • Mounting evidence (=steeds meer bewijs)

    May link somatic and visceral systems. Under investigation....
  • One part of the forebrain is the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is divided in:
    Two hemispheres
    • 4-5 lobes
      • Frontal lobe
      • Parietal lobe
      • Temporal lobe
      • Occipital lobe
      • Limbic 'lobe' / limbic system 
    • connected by the corpus callosum
  • Why is the white matter white?
    Because of myelin 

    White inside, gay outside
  • One part of the forebrain is diencephalon, in which two parts is diencephalon divided?
    • Thalamus 
    • Hypothalamus 
  • What are the terms to navigate the brain?
    • Medial: near the midline
    • Middle
    • Lateral: near the outer edge

    • Dorsal = superior
    • Ventral = interior 
  • In what kind of ways is there brain nomenclature options
    • Brodmann areas
    • Anatomical label 
    • Anatomical location 
    • Functional name 
    • (Cytoarchitectonic name)

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