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Summary Ocup Certification Guide Uml 2.5 Foundational Exam; Preparing for the Ocup 2

- Michael Jesse Chonoles
ISBN-10 0128096403 ISBN-13 9780128096406
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A snapshot of the summary - Ocup Certification Guide Uml 2.5 Foundational Exam; Preparing for the Ocup 2 Author: Michael Jesse Chonoles ISBN: 9780128096406

  • 1 What is OCUP 2?

  • 1.1.1 OMG Certifified UML Professional 1

  • Why did some good modelers failed the UML 2.0 exam?
    Because they were not familiair with the UML specification documents.
  • What are the UML specifications?
    Are formal documents, with a syntax and terminology of their own.
  • For who is the UML Specification not intended?
    They are not intended for the practical modeler.
  • For who is the UML Specification intended?
    These documents are more appropriate for:
    • Tool vendors
    • Language designers 
    • Chief modelers
    • Methodologists tailoring UML for a project
  • 1.1.2 OMG Certified UML Professional 2

  • With the development of UML 2.5, their are some significant restucturing and simplification of the UML specifications.

    What are those changes?
    Merging the two documents (Infrastructure and Superstructure) into one document.
  • When there were significant UML 2.5 changes, they also need to rewrite the examinators. 

    The examinators now do not rely on what?
    They do not rely on specific knowledge of the format of the UML specification (wel een beetje) or the Metamodel.
  • What is the UML 2.5 Specification?
    The specification defines UML.
  • What are the three exams of the OMG Certified YML Professional 2 (OCUP 2) series?
    • Foundation Level     (2014)
    • Intermediate Level  (2016)
    • Advanced Level        (2017)
  • 1.1.3 Why Does OMG offer it?

  • Why does OMG offers the OCUP 2 program?
    - It benefits an organization's standard in many ways

    - It creates a population of trained, identifiable practioners
  • "Hiring managers charged with introducing UML modeling to a company will favor these candidates".  Why is that?
    - Because of their knowledge level is certified.

    - Companies with established UML modeling groups benefits as wel
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