Study Cards on actor, specialized, cases

What can be generalized / specialized in a Use Case diagram?
Actors and Use Cases
What happens if an Actor is Specialized?
When an Actor is specialized, all the specialized Actors can participate in the same Use Cases that the general Use Case can.

They also, as
expected, inherit any properties that are declared on the general Use Case.
How would we intepret the diagram if we  dropped the generalization and instead connected the Admin directly to the Logon Use Case ?

Both a User Actor and an Admin Actor would be needed to Logon.
What is the rule if more than one Actor connect to the Use Case?

They all must be available for the Use Case to proceed.
What is a benefit of using Actor Generalization?
The Actor generalization certainly makes the diagram clearer. 
Whatever requirements, diagrams, or goals we attach to the general Use Case are also applied to the specific Use Cases, though we can....
Add more detail in the specialized versions.

This approach also allows us to add simply new specialized Use Cases,
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