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5 important questions on Behavior : Activity Diagrams - Advanced Topics - Stream

When we examine the input parameters of an action or activity, we commonly understand that .....

..... the input parameters must all be available before the behavior starts

This matches the typical conventions to a subroutine or subprogram.  

When you call the subprogram, the arguments must first be available.

However, there are situations when additional argument values can be supplied even after the behavior starts. This is typical for .... ?

Physical Behaviors

What is an Example of a Physical Behavior?

A Morse code operator continues to decode incoming encrypted cipher text (the patterns of dots and dashes) and produces clear text (natural language, such as English).

In a similar manner, the Morse code operator can continue to decode clear text.

How do we notate this (physical behavior)

Such inputs or outputs are flagged as {isStreaming} or {streaming}.

Inputs or outputs flagged as Streaming can continue to appear even though the behaviors have already started.

Read this diagram with the streaming function

Read this diagramIn the example a slot machine behaviors is illustrated.

  • The bottom example shows a slot machine that allows for the continual addition of new coins and can produce winnings without ending the session.

  • The streaming tags can be added to pins or parameters.

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