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Study Cards on cases, included, connected

With large Use Cases, you may often find that several Use Cases share common subgoals or common subbehaviors. To share without duplication.

How can we do this?
Using the <<Include>> mechanism
What are the boxes with the folded corners?
They are Notes that add commentary to a diagram.
What happens with the included contents?
The Included Use Case’s contents insert inside the Base Use Case.

It is not like a subroutine call as there are no parameters nor return values.

It is more like a copy and paste, or an in-line macro expansion.
How many incuded use cases may be connected to a base use case?
There are no limits on the number of Included Use Cases connected to a Base, as long as each Included Use Case is necessary to meet the Base’s goals and complete the required functionality.
In UML 2.5 we use the term <<include>> .
What were the earlier terms for the <<include>> mechanism?

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