Study Cards on diagram, model, detail

A UML diagram is just a....
A UML diagram is just a view into the model
A UML diagram is just a view into the model. A model element, such as a class, need not....?
not appear on any diagram.

We have previously shown this relationship, but now we redraw it as a metamodel diagram in Fig. 4.9.
Moreover, because they are views, they do not have to appear with the same amount of detail at each appearance.

The underlying model element will be a cumulative union of all the matching diagram elements from all the diagrams.  

If you add detail to a matching diagram element...?
If you add detail to a matching diagram element, even if that detail appears on only one diagram, it becomes part of the underlying model element, and that detail is capable of being summoned up on each diagram that can display that detail.
The tools will allow you to delete detail from the diagram or from the model. Of course, if you delete the detail from the model.....?
you will be updating all diagrams containing that element automatically to remain consistent with the underlying model element.
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