Study Cards on diagram, package, profile

Diagrams of the contents of
  • «models»
  • «modelLibrarys»
  • «frameworks»
  • and «profiles»

all have a <kind> field of .....?
pkg or package and the name of the Namespace in the diagram header
If the diagram primarily shows Packages and their relationships (e.g., imports, accesses, dependencies, or abstractions), the diagram would be considered a ....?
Package Diagram
If the diagram primarily shows instances, it would be considered an ...?
Instance Diagram.
What is a Profile Diagram?
A Profile Diagram looks like a Package Diagram but supports a slightly different notation that allows the extension of or restriction of existing metaclasses and the definition of stereotypes.

We will not cover the details in this book nor are they on the OCUP-2 Foundational exam.
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