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- Michael Jesse Chonoles
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Study Cards on diagrams, sequence, behavioral

In this chapter, we will initiate our coverage of UML 2.5 Behavioral modeling and concentrate on.....
Sequence Diagrams
Use Case diagrams are also considered part of the behavioral model...?
Use Cases use the notation of structural diagrams and are not directly related to the behavioral features that underlie the other behavioral diagrams.

What does the :  Interaction Diagrams?
which emphasize the participants and how their messages interplay among them over their structure and time
What does the : Activity Diagram
which emphasize:
  • behavioral steps
  • process
  • control flow
  • and data flow
In UML 2.5 there are three subtypes of Interaction Diagrams.

Which three?
  • Sequence Diagrams
  • Communication Diagrams
  • Timing Diagrams
What does the : Communication Diagrams
Which emphasize the interchange of messages over the model structures
...... Are one of the oldest diagrams in the UML toolkit
Sequence Diagrams
We can trace the diagram’s origins to ...
Message Sequence Charts (MSC)

The notations of Sequence Diagrams and MSC have continued to fluctuate but despite some differences in notation and emphasis, the two diagram types remain close in look and feel.
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