Study Cards on elements, diagram, diagrams

What does the Structure Diagrams shows
The UML structure diagrams show the static structure of the elements of the system being modeled.

They depict those elements in a model independently of time
What depicts the Class Diagram?
The elements or concepts of the system being modeled
What depicts the Object Diagram?
Instance specifications (objects) of some the classes, to illustrate examples elements and their connections
What depicts the Composite Diagram?
How the classes are assembled internally from other elements
What depicts the Component Diagram?
Deliverable elements in the working system and how they connect
What depicts the Deployment Diagram?
Architecture of the system’s nodes or platforms and what runs or installs on what
What depicts the Package Diagram?

How the model is partitioned and worked
What depicts the Profile Diagram?

Extensions and tailorings to UML for the current project
Structure Diagrams and what they show
The diagrams
What does the Structural Diagrams represent?
The represent the meaningful and useful concepts that may exist in the real-world, in the software or hardware implementations, or only in the abstract or in the imagination.
A structure diagram for a library system might include elements that represent: ... ?
For example:

a structure diagram for a library system might include elements that represent:
  • books
  • borrowings
  • due date algorithms
  • interlibrary loan (ILL) connections
  • patrons, and a credit authorization service for fines and fees.
Structure diagrams do not show the details of ....?
Structure diagrams do not show the details of dynamic behavior or of elements changing over time, which are reserved for the behavioral diagrams.

However, structure diagrams are not isolated; they may indicate which behaviors, found on behavior diagrams, are exhibited by the elements of the structure diagrams.
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