Behavior : Sequence Diagrams - Sequence Diagrams

5 important questions on Behavior : Sequence Diagrams - Sequence Diagrams

Sequence diagrams show the exchanges and interplay of messages among partipicants in some useful behavior.

How do we call this content?


A Sequence Diagram has the same sort of frame and header all the UML 2 diagrams have, a pentagonal header with the diagram namespace type in bold ..... ?

(sd) followed by the namespace name.

In Sequence Diagrams, the namespace name is the name of the Interaction


For historical reasons, though the namespace type is an Interaction in the diagram header the type is sd. This sd is also the type used for ... ?

  • Timing Diagrams
  • Communication Diagrams,
  • Interaction Overview Diagrams.

These diagrams are also considered Interaction Diagrams, but they will not be on the Foundation exam

Within a model, if two Interaction Diagrams have the same name, they are ...?

Views into the same Interaction namespace.

The diagram boundary box is potentially important as it has meaning when ... ?

The diagram boundary box is potentially important as it has meaning when messages come from or go to the boundary.

In the first exam, we will not cover these features.

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