What is UML? - Modeling - Principles of Modeling

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An importance principle of modeling is to.....

to limit the amount of detail to the minimum necessary.

A 1:1 map of a town would not be useful, not only would it be too complicated, but also it would be too difficult to fold. It is better to have several maps, each with its own intent, than putting it all together into one.

Imaging one map of the roads, one map for the utilities, one map for the political subdivisions, one map for the school districts, i.e., one map for one purpose

UML supplies several techniques that support specification of the whole-part structures within the model. Such as..?


What is an physicial whole-part relationship?

Physical whole-part relationships are usually compositions.

A engine can only be part of one car at a time. AGGREGATION is a weaker form, where the part can be part of many wholes.

For example, a student could be part of more than one school

Wht s Substituion?

When Generalization and Specialization are involved, it is usually possible for any instance of the specialized classes to be used wherever an instance of the general class is needed.

All the features of the generalized class are also available on the specialized class, so if you want the features of the general, you will also find them on the specialized. This if often called SUBSTITUTION.

Therefore, any specific book or movie is also an instance of Borrowable Material.

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