Study Cards on message, wait, diagrams

Similar to the Wait for Time Event actions, we can have a
Wait for Message Event action.
Also as with the Wait for Time Event, if there is no explicit starting token edge, as long as the enclosing region is active...
new matching messages will continue to be received here.
If the message arrival is what is interesting in that it kicks off some other behavior, the outgoing edge should be a....
control edge.
However, if the content of the message is of interest, the outgoing edge should be an ....
object flow containing the message.
How does a Send Message
The matching Send Message action looks like a pointy pentangle.

With what can Activity diagrams communicatie with each other and with other diagrams, such as State Machine or Sequence Diagrams?
Using paired send/receive messages is one way that Activity diagram can communicate with each other and with other diagrams, such as State Machine or Sequence diagrams.
Usually, classes that can receive messages will have a reception compartment with the message stereotyped as  ....
With what could we replace the Wait for Message for a similar effect?

A similar effect could have been achieved with the Wait for Message replaced by a Wait for Time Event if the Cancel was set for a particular time.

These are common usage patterns in Activity diagrams.
What is the notation for a Wait for Message Event?
It looks like a pentagon with two adjacent sides indented

In the symbol is placed the name of the message or event that you want the model to wait for.

As with other actions, this can be kicked off when the token arrives at the left.
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