What is OCUP 2? - The Levels - Foundation Level

8 important questions on What is OCUP 2? - The Levels - Foundation Level

Looking at the Foundation Level, we examined the hiring requirements. What are these?

  • For entry-level UML Modelers (UML model builders)
  • other people on a team that are required to read UML Models (UML model users)

With the level of knowledge and skill tested at the OCUP 2 Foundation Level and corresponding amount of industry experience, a UML Model user will be wel...

Well equipped to read and understand the diagrams he or she encounters in work situations.

"It will help the Model User" with what?

  • As a stakeholder checking that a design expressed in UML satisfies the requirements;

  • as a coder responsible for implementing that functionality foloowing the structure and design depicted in the model

"We also target other model users"  What are those "Model users"?

  • Managers
  • Requirements Engineers
  • Configuration Management Practitioners
  • Software Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Testers
  • Documentation Specialists
  • similar people working on or with a project

For what will a Model Builder going to be prepared?

A UML Model Builder will be prepared to work alongside others in a modeling team as the group prepares a model for presentation to stakeholders or implementers.

For what is the OCUP 2 Intermediate Certification be aligned?

A level better aligned with the design and development skill set that the model builder uses in his or her work.

What is also included when we talk about Modeling?

  • Including the basic principles and purposes of modeling

If Model Users and Model Builders do not understand the motivation for making models what is the consequence?

They may not completely buy-in to modeling nor sustain the modeling effort.

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