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Study Cards on nondistinguishable, package, elements

UML Packages and computer directories are Namespaces.

These require?
These require unique and DISTINGUISHABLE names for their contents.
Your computer’s operating system will not allow you to have two files with identical names within the same directory/folder.

  A Package will not allow ....?
A Package will not allow two Elements (of the same type) with the same name inside the Package.

As in any VIEW, if an Element appears twice in a Package, each occurrence is just a representation of the same thing

Likewise, if Elements of the same name and type appear in different Packages, they are different Elements.
UML supports other Namespaces witch can contain ....?
Most people do not realize it, but the compartments of Class are also Namespaces.

A particular Class cannot have nondistinguishable
......., or nondistinguishable ...... just as a Package cannot have nondistinguishable ......

A particular Class cannot have nondistinguishable
attributes, or nondistinguishable operations  just as a Package cannot have nondistinguishable Elements
What are the rules for nondistinguishable names?

For Operations?
Operations: Two operations within a Namespace cannot have the same signature (operation name, number, order, direction, and types of arguments).
In the context of the rules for nondistinguishable names,
In this context, two types neither of which is a kind of the other are unRELATED TYPES.

That is, there  cannot be generalization relationships between them.
These nondistinguishable name rules allow modelers, what?
These rules allow modelers some leeway in naming, primarily for purposes such as overloading operations.

Taking advantage of them too often can produce unreadable models and code despite being technically correct.
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