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What is a Namespace?

  • A namespace is a software development concept.

  • It is a set of unique names that identify entities.

  • A namespace does not allow duplicate names.

  • If a name appears more than once, it must refer to the same thing.

The symbol for a package is rectangle body with a tab in the upper left, which usually contains the name of the package, see Fig. 4.11.

The elements inside the package cannot have   ....?

clashing names.

A class is also a namespace. It has a set of attributes (see the class symbol, Book, inside the figure), each with a name, and no duplicate names are allowed for the attributes

What kind of feature is a package?

A package is primarily an organization feature for a UML model.

Modelers create packages for their namespace features, but they primarily create them for the same reasons developers create directories.

Why is this?

  • They help to organize the project.

  • They serve as configuration management structures.

  • They can be used to assign work to teams, schedules, and limit the chance the modelers step on each other’s work.

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