4 good questions on "State Machine Processing - States and Pseudostates"

A UML State Machine can describes as...
A UML State Machine can be described as a directed graph of VERTICES that an object (or behavior) can traverse over time.
What is a Pseudostate?
Pseudostates are transient, in that the state machine cannot rest at one of these vertices, based on the RTC rules. They generally indicate control and flow information on a State Machine
What is this symbol and where is it used for?

a Final State.

  • A real state (not a pseudostate), this node indicates that no more events will be accepted by this state machine and no more change of states will occur

  • There can be 0..* Final states.

  • Reaching a final state indicates a completion event at the next higher level
What are the two diamonds?
Choice Pseudostates
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