3 good questions and answers: "State Machine Processing - States Countours"

The physical boundary of a State (the roundtangle) is often called a...
A transition going inside a state, i.e., crossing a contour, to reach to another substate, still, executes all the entry behavior of all of the intermediate containing states

What about an transition going outside?
A transition going outside and crossing contours still executes all the exit behaviors of all the intervening containing states
Read the diagram.

Example : 18.26 is in the answer
In Fig. 18.28, we should see the transitions going directly through some of the contours.

The effect should be the same as in Fig. 18.26.

For example
even though transition a goes through the contour of state 1 directly into state 1.1, the entry action of state 1 (item b) is still

In the same manner, the outwardly crossing transition going to the final state (item i) still causes the exit action (of item h) to be invoked.
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