The Organization of UML - The Abstract Syntax

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What is the Abstract Syntax?

It is the formal grammar for the UML 2.5 language.

The abstract syntax of UML, which is the formal grammar for the UML 2.5 language, is specified as a set of

formal diagrams using the MOF Version 2.5 modeling language

What defines the abstract syntax?

The abstract syntax defines the set of UML modeling concepts:
  • their attributes
  • their relationships
  • as well as the rules for combining these concepts to construct partial
  • or complete UML models

The MOF as used in UML specification is a strict ...?

subset of UML structural model notation

However, as we mentioned before, to pass the Fundamental exam, you may not even need to look at these MOF diagrams, though you need to know they exist, their purpose, and the essentials of how they work.

  These MOF diagrams depict ...?

depict the abstract syntax   , the grammar of UML.

They are “abstract” in that they would not need to change if the notation changes.

This is similar to how the grammar rule of a natural language, such as English, is independent of the spelling or vocabulary.

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