What is UML? - Modeling - What Kind of Modeling

5 important questions on What is UML? - Modeling - What Kind of Modeling

When should UML not be your first choice for modeling?

  • analog systems
  • biological systems
  • environmental systems

For example, the parts of a circuit could be modeled, their electric properties could be modeled, the connections among them could be modeled, but UML would not be the language to model Kirchhoff’s circuit laws or Maxwell’s equations.

As with any modeling, you need to consider the target audience. UML is mostly understandable by ...

technical and business people

but it does need some training

What happens if you overload a stakeholder?

If you overload a stakeholder-targeted diagram with all the possible detail that it could contain, almost no one would understand it afterward, possibly even including you.

When would UML be the language you use?

If you are aiming to build a business or commercial IT software system

When would UML not be the language you use?

If you are modeling a business process with rules, there are specialty languages similar to UML that tend to more interpretable by business types

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