What is UML? - What does UML Stand for? - How is UML a language?

7 important questions on What is UML? - What does UML Stand for? - How is UML a language?

Is UML a language like English, Python or Klingon?

UML is a graphical language suitable for:
  • pen
  • pencil
  • whiteboard
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • printed or electronic documentation
  • Diagramming tools
  • Specially purposed computer-based UML modeling tools

UML has a broad range of target media. So the UML STANDARD does not require any use of...

Color or Shading

Why is UML more like English than Klingon?

  • UML has all of the typical parts of a language, including the features necessary to construct a book, from parts to speech.

  • The hierarchical capability allows UML to be very expressive and adaptable for many purposes as is English. 

But why is UML in some way more like Python than like English?

  • UML is intentionally constructed language.

  • UML is most expressie when talking about software systems, and in that way, UML is also more like Python than English 

But as an inherently visual, graphic laguage, UML is more like...

  • Electronic circuit diagram
  • Architectural blueprints
  • Process flow

Than any spoken or programming Language.

Is UML a spoken language?

UML is a graphical language, not a spoken language

Can UML only be written with dedicated software tools?

No, it can also being drawned by hand

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