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Study Cards on value, app, diagrams

Which diagrams are the simpelest but also the most useful?
Use Case Diagrams
Which diagram are we talking about?

"help you decide what these tasks are and how they should be grouped and the scope of the work  "
Use Case diagrams
What does a Use Case represent?
represents a purpose or goal that some user wants the system to help achieve.
What would be a use case in a hail riding app?
The potential passenger uses the app to hire a car at a specified location.

Thepotential passenger may also have other goals, such as :
  • obtaining the estimated cost
  • time to pick up,
  • time to arrive,
  • Establish a Payment Method,
  • among other things
What would be a possible goal from the perspective of the driver?
The driver may also have goals, such as :

  • to identify potential riders
  • starting location
  • and time, and ending location.
Which diagrams are the organizational element that captures the decomposition into work  tasks and team assignments?
Package Diagrams?
How do we call users in Use Case diagrams?
What would be actors in a Library System?
In the Library system, the Actors would include :

  • Patrons
  • Browsers
  • Librarians
  • Circulation Desk Staff
  • Shelving Staff
  • Catalogers
  • and people involved in Accessioning and Deaccessioning material
"Each Use Case must return some value to the Actor.

What does this means?

Returning value indicates that some desirable outcome occurs.

This is very different from a return value from a function call or subprogram.

Use Cases tend to be on a much higher level that these software returns and may not be so simple.
What would be the value in a Ride-hailin app?
In the ride-hailing app example, canceling a ride might be a goal that the Actor has.

The value would be that the ride was successfully canceled to the benefit of the Actor
There are Use Cases that are triggered by the system itself.

Give a example of a trigger.
Timers or by sensors
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